Loot Monkey
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Mac; Windows
Loot Monkey is a 2D, flip-screen platformer that has the sweet essence of 1980s video games with vibrant modern graphics.
You play as Dougie, a small orangey servant monkey that has been ordered by his master, the Evil Overlord, to collect all the loot from his master's estate before a filthy hero comes to steal it.
Featuring lush graphics and menacing pseudo-pixellated enemies Dougie must explore every room gathering the twinkling loot as he goes. Dougie must also avoid the various hazards and traps that his master keeps around his estate or else he screams loudly as the boot of death descends.
Loot Monkey features voice acting for the Evil Overlord who shouts at Dougie occasionally and plays his favourite 1980s cheesy synth music all over the estate. Loot Monkey also features a few game modes for a variety of challenges including a practice mode for those who wish to perfect certain rooms.
Tackorama Ltd
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Mac; Windows