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It all started a year ago,
In a Game Jam (Hackathon) where I... Wait, where are my manners? I should have introduced myself first... Well... My name is Ankit Priyarup, I'm a game nerd & I do programming & game designing. I'm a first-year student, currently pursuing for B.Tech in Software Engineering from DTU (Formerly known as Delhi College Of Engineering).
Back to the Game Jam, I went there with one of my most talented friend - Mukul Negi. He's just as nerdy as me... A creative high school person & most importantly just obsessed with everything he does. Therein Game Jam, we were given three topics among which 'loop' was the one which intrigued us the most. It was the time to put everything we learned so far as students, and we did. 'The Loopables' came first runner-up that day.
We both were happy. It was our first hackathon, after all. On the same day, we vowed to make that prototype what we now call 'Loopables'. Thanks to Chirag Chopra among the judges from the Game Jam for encouraging & supporting us.
Initial development stage i.e. before December of last year was rough, no matter what we did we ended up kicking dirt until we realized a big flaw in the game design which failed it to distinguish its true nature from other titles of the same genre - Mekaroma & Monument Valley. Game design is crucial, we learned it through the hard way. Early 2017 was blank, it was the time for my board & entrance exams so I kept myself away from game development but still, I couldn't keep myself away from dreaming.
After exams finally got over, in May a proper game design document was made. I'm not going to lie, that was our very first GDD & it now seems fruitful. We highlighted what's important for Loopables and then we then made it from scratch. Thanks to all those sleepless nights we spent, attacking our keyboard & yelling at each other just for the sake of the project.

Why we made 'Loopables'?

Challenges are like a part of one’s life. We all love to take challenges and that's what puzzles are all about but 'Loopables' doesn't stop there with it i want players' to not just only take challenges but also to make their own and challenge their friends. I want this endless cycle of - Play, Create & Share easily accessible even if you are sitting inside a flooded metro with your hand holding the bar, the controls being simple enough won't let you through sweat. -Ankit Priyarup (Lead Developer)
My motivation to make this game happen is its genre. From the very beginning puzzle games used to intrigue me a lot, Since when I played Monument Valley that fascination got transformed to my motivation. To me, Beautiful puzzles are soothing to play and so are to make. -Mukul Negi (Artist)

'Loopables' means happiness to us, and so it means hard work as well. With around four months of concrete hard work we are now finally here to release it on Android Google Play Store & Apple App Store for iPhone & iPad. Here's a short trailer demonstrating our work.
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There's just so many things that we learned from this project, some of them are-

1) Understand your project before start making it. How can you put it for others' when you are not even through with it? That’s what happened with us during initial development stage later we called it prototype and learned from our mistakes. Prototyping is the key. play-test your prototypes not just by yourself but let others’ also play & comment upon it.
2) Don't go all along thinking about your wild ideas, it is the execution that matters the most and not your fantasies. Polishing what you've made to a commercial level is not an easy task you will realize that sometimes fixing something may end up screwing other. Scope small in start and don’t get derailed.
3) Don't underestimate the last portion of your project. The last ten percent of any project is the next ninety percent. Play-test as much as you can, don't be shy to show what you've been working on so long to others'. They might not find it interesting at first but they will surely leave behind a clue that you have to catch in order to reach the ultimate goal.
4) Finally, stay awesome! Don't mess up your brain & keep yourself relaxed. Feeling frustrated over a bug? -How about killing some morons in Overwatch...? Read & find out about new things regularly. There are tons of online resources including articles and YouTube channels, one that I personally like the most & do recommend everyone is Extra Credits.

That was a mouthful, thank you all for being patient enough to read it all through. Also, you can follow me on twitter @ankit_priyarup or wherever you spot me, just drop by and say hello, I love to make new friends’ :)
Ankit Priyarup
Programmer - Student
Mukul Negi
Game Artist - Artist
Ankit Priyarup
2 years ago
It is coming today.. :) I'll appreciate if you would like our facebook page for for future updates
Gautier Charles
2 years ago
Hi Ankit & Mukul (: Amazing work here !! Keep doing what you do :) When the game is coming on iOS and Android ? Have you got a release date ? Charles from HeartBoxGames