Loop Cafe
Game about running a cafe!
Category: Education Role: Lead Programmer Programming Language(s): C# Platform: Mobile (iOS) I worked as Lead Programmer for a fun educational game about cafe beverages, entitled Loop Cafe. The gameplay works similar to ‘Guitar Hero’ where players tap on ingredients in the correct sequence; overtime the speed of the moving ingredients increases and some also become hidden - in turn encouraging players to learn/memorize their cafe concoctions. The cafe recipes include: cappuccinos, affogatos, cafe au lait, americanos, vienna and many more; all of which have been researched to their real-life standards. I programmed for the iOS platform (mobile phone) and with that was able to use a lot of great features such as the gyroscope. The game has been a great success and is quite effective in educating players about cafe life.
Robert Esposito
Game & App Developer - Programmer