Looking for Unity Team Mate(s) - Quest Mobile Game 3D Low-Poly
Published 2 years ago
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Hi there,

First a quick intro, I'm from Belgium (Antwerp) and started with Unity a couple of months ago. Before this, I was always developing web programs / applications with PHP / Jquery / HTML etc.. Just mastered the basics of C# but I'm so surprised how fast it's going to develop a game. To go all the way, I'm looking for team mates who want to join in this adventure and get a full product.

So more details:
This game is not defined yet. I am just building on daily basis and it's growing on-the-fly. But, I like the RPG stile. To make things more interesting I have this concept in mind:
Quest Game
With Inventory and possibly even crafting
Not just simply kill enemies + boss, but I would also add some find-your-way to the next level style.
Mages / knights / etc...
Player stats and XP
My demo is working, mage can shoot and kill enemies. Menu's are working properly, some music is playing and now implementing the Inventory page + Vender and possibly crafting.

So anyone who likes to join can of course co-decide the goals and looks of this game. Looking for honest people, primarily hobby. If the co-op seems to be going well, then let's go all the way and commercialize it.

How do I see my part in this? I mostly program all the stuff, buy some parts online and also edit a lot with Photoshop. So, people who may join can have an expertise at anything. Having knowledge in how to create custom 3D models would of course be a major plus!

Please let me know your thoughts and if you believe teaming up is possible. I am open to any suggestion!
You can contact me on Unity Connect.
regards, wouter.
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