Looking for C# dev(s) to help me with a new project
Published 2 years ago
In development

I'm new to C# and Unity but I did do my first game with the help of tutorials. Now I want to create a game (fairly easy, shouldn't take long) but need people to help me and hop in this game while teaching me, let say on Discord. I can pay once the project is done or share the rights with someone.

Not to be cocky but I have some pretty good game ideas that i've been holding for sometime and even created this one in real life like 5 years ago. It played well but would be a lot better as a video game.

The game is called Cube Control (for now) and is played on a cube. You win by racking points and controlling the cube until your opponent is finished. You get power-ups to help you gain control and the rest will be discussed once you help me!

I need someone who can help me with turn based games mechanics, dice rolling and inventory usage. This game would be played online or vs an AI 1vs1 or maybe even 1vs1vs1.

This has been a dream of me and I appreciate your time and would REALLY love to make it a reality. Very keen on learning. If you can't help me, point me in a direction where someone can.

Pay to be discussed.

Thanks for your time.

I really want to do this.
Heka - Eric