Lonely Soul
Updated 10 months ago
"Be aware my child.... be aware of darkness..."

Our Story

Hi! We are two friends, that were chilling one day and I said... "Hey! why don't we make a game that deserves to be a game.... blah...blah... blah...", and my friend said "yeah...blah... blah ... blah..." And so it begins the story of Lonely Soul, that was some time ago... we still studying, we still learning but, when we have free time we spend it in our game than more and more it was becoming our main project.

Unity 2D Challenge

We have been using Unity for this past years and It has been great! We never show Lonely Soul ever before to the public and we are just implementing the new features, so we think. Why don't create our first zone entirely for the Unity 2D Challenge, and show our project to the Unity Comunity!?

About Lonely Soul

Lonely Soul is a souls-like game but with some little twits to the formula, in Lonely Soul you control Suns our main protagonist and fight the creatures of the remaining world. After the all the humans disappear for an unknown reason, Suns being the only one who survives its on his duty to avenge the humankind, and discover the behavior of the new world.
As Suns go deep into this world we will meet who are the ones who rule it, what happened to the humans, and who inhabit this world.


Lonely Souls its hard and demanding as one souls-like should be, but Suns it's fast and capable of dodge and attack monsters in a quick way, but it's only a child, so he can't carry a big sword, he uses a knife and needs to get closer to perform his multiples attacks.


Concept Art

We will be uploading more in the days remaining stay tuned! And also give us feedback!
Andres Chinchilla
Student, Programmer, Game Designer - Programmer
Sebastian Brenes
Student - Artist
Jay Torres
3 months ago
Web Developer
Epic job on this!
10 months ago
Jr. Game Developer
wow ! amazing <3
Lin Ping Chow
10 months ago
thanks for checking out our game. love ur game color theme and use of spriteshape tool!
Andres Chinchilla
10 months ago
Student, Programmer, Game Designer
John Paul DepewWow... the artwork and gameplay look absolutely fantastic!
Thanks, man!! appreciate! :D
John Paul Depew
10 months ago
Wow... the artwork and gameplay look absolutely fantastic!