Lone - completed
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Loneliness of a child. Loss of parents. Diseased world is comming to it's end.

Completed film
My main goal was NOT just create 3D sci-fi environment, but also add more context with visual narrative and music, add tragedy to this world and focus on the character that enters this world with us.

I took a lot of inspiration from Mark Osborne's short movie MORE (you can watch it here). Also often visual images come along listening to music - it helped me a lot during the creation process.

I haven't got problems with imagining the city - the most difficult part for me was actually to create a scenario. And make scenario the way so that it can show realistic robotic city and not just horizontal land with houses-boxes.

I am the kind of developer who wants that every model should look unique, no 3d models from any stores were used in Lone. Every model you see was crafted by me. I am using Blender for model creation.

The art-design of the city was combined of Chinise, Japanise and... USSR cultures. You can even see some old Khrushchyovka building. Persian carpets that were popular in USSR families (they actually still popular in nowadays Russia).

Basically it was my first experience using Timeline with all its features. Considering how much I love short films and art-house movies, Lone is just a first movie in a series.
Lone made in Unity 2017.3 Models made in Blender Assets used in Lone:
  • Post Processing Stack (v1)
  • Volumetric Light
  • Lens Flares
  • Dynamic Decals
More screenshots and gifs to come! Thanks!
Alexander Khoroshavin
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