Lollapalooza Arg Chevrolet Proyect
This is a custom made proyect (already running) for Chevrolet Argentina for an event called Lollapalooza.
The proyect consist in a merge of two apps, one for drawing a 3D model, and this one, that consist in display at the main screen a 3D model of the car with the texture incoming from the other app.
The 3D models is on the scene with the diferent animations for each video enviroment, the difficult of this proyect was the coordination between the videos and the animation of the Car.
The solution was setting the animation progress depending of the video progrees, so, the video is setting the animation progress.
Other problem was the cameras coordination, because the camera change in the video had to be coordinated with the cameras in the 3D model.
The solution was put a pixel camera controller (control bar) on the video, that indicates which camera is active at the moment and an script that reads the control bar. so, the precision in the cameras changes are perfect
Augusto Canepa
Game Dev - Programmer