Logitech Dual Action Joystick Mapped
Published 3 years ago
Logitech Dual Action Joystick mapped for Unity3d
Any developers that want to include a Logitech Dual Action joystick in their Unity3D game builds the axis and buttons map to the following in the Unity Input Manager:
The LEFT THUMB STICK is the X and Y axis for the horizontal and vertical movements (respectively), the RIGHT THUMB STICK is the 3rd axis for horizontal and 4th axis for the vertical, the DIRECTIONAL PAD (D_PAD) uses the 5th and 6th axis for horizontal and vertical input.
The X button (left most button on the quad-button area) is joystick button 0. The A button (lowest button) is joystick button 1. The B button (right) is joystick button 2. The top button (Y button) is joystick button 3. Joystick button 4 and joystick button 5 correlate to the LEFT and RIGHT BUMPERS. The triggers are joystick buttons 6 and 7. The top button in the middle (like the "back" button) is joystick button 8. The "start" button is joystick button 9. The buttons under the thumb sticks are 10 for the left and 11 for the right.
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