Logic Forge
- Decrease the developing pain by visualizing and automatizing, avoiding bottlenecks and redundancy, still not removing full control of code - Functional programming where every MonoBehaviour is functional component chained by inputs and outputs creating compact reusable Logic blueprint - Enforcing base Strategy pattern, creating reusable components - Communication thru Events and Reactions - Introducing good practices: ModelViewController pattern and Dependency Injection in visual way - Reveal of full power of customizable Unity Graph, as creation base for other systems like Behaviours, Dialogs.... Create procedural animation by use of Playables - Updateable and Upgradable, just change the graph connections -Clone, Modify and/or just Reuse StateMachine.asset blueprint file in any scene in any project with different targets. -Clone, Modify and/or just Reuse Logic.asset blueprint file in any scene in any project in different targets. -Source code included. Even you not using the package, reveal Unity top secrets and learn how they function under the hood. -Use powerful API to have even more codding control
winx alex
MR. Computer Science - Other