Logic Blox
Logic Blox are virtual hardware components used to simulate computer logic. First in a series includes primitive gates and switches that can be used to reconstruct integrated logic circuits in the virtual world. Logic Blox can be connected together in the same fashion as physical hardware using pin to pin relationships.
Development is underway to continue the series which will include integrated gates consisting of flip flips, counters and large scale integration prefabs.
Mike Hogan
Automation Developer - Designer
Mike Hogan
a year ago
Automation Developer
Hello all, Just started launch for a series of interactive logic prop prefabs for gates, switches and vintage computer components. These are first in a series of logic simulators and connectable interactive VR controls that can be used to create/design circuits and or fully functional control panel replicas requiring machine logic interfacing.. Autonomous props can communicate with each other and or other game objects including audio sources, transforms and material attributes.