LOG792- Kinect and Dimenco 3D
A project graduation for developped by 5 students in software engineering. Contributors Samuel James Abraham : Developer of the Kinect and Avatar modules Cedric Landry-Desjardins : Developer of the Dimenco 3D Module Philippe Pageau : Developer of the Menu System Sébastien Lago : Developer of the Interface Max Moreau : BIM Researcher
Here's my personal contribution Development of the Avatar that allows the user to be able to see his body in the virtual environnment. The Avatar joints has been mapped using the Asset Final IK. I created the script that translate the Kinect movements in Unity3D coordinate. I created accessors and an adapter that simplify the use of the default Kinect joints. I refactored the default script that was provided with the Unity3D Kinect plugin and optimised it to prevent the skeleton mesh to be created indefinitely at every Update. The reason of this optimization also help me find a ways to only kept on instance of the skeleton alive and to be able to associate it with the Avatar from the Final IK.
This project was created for the Project Graduation. The team was composed of five student in Software Engineering that have to develop an interactive system. The main goal of the project was to give the user an experience using their body as an Input system using gesture that was interpreted with the Microsoft Kinect 2.0 sensor. The project development took 12 weeks to produce and alot of research has to be made to make this project sucessful.
Samuel Abraham
Cédric Landry-Desjardins
Independant Unity Developper - Programmer
Dimenco 3D, Unity3D developer
Developper of the Menu System