LOAAC: Into the Depths
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows
A game early in progress that plans to be an amazing rogue like dungeon
Art by Meline Hamard
Cover by Phoenix Jackson
Legends of an Ancient City has been a game we've had in the planning for a while now. However, our dreams were just too big for our first game. So we're starting out small with Into the Depths, a 3d rogue like dungeon with unique monsters and countless factors to fighting, such as stance, weapon, and location. Your stats also waver depending on circumstances, so you could die of poison, or worse, go insane and lose your humanity. The game focuses around ancient warfare, only you are a one-man army facing down hordes of fantasy creatures. Find more about the lore in the game by reading the item descriptions, and learn spells from ancient tomes to bring your enemies to size. You do start out with classes, but the good thing about our classes is you can use any weapon, though you may have to learn how to use a club when you are an archer, or something of the sort. We've had plenty of concept come in, but we still have no definite coding done. I'm sure that will change soon, though. I hope you follow our game, I am excited working on it and I'm sure it will be fun playing it. Thanks!
John Pearce Bishop
Game Languages
English, British
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows
I have an announcement to make...anyone who is willing to take up the job of the game manager, will you please talk to me? The game is going nowhere under me, but I'm sure it could under somebody else. Please consider.