Living The Deal
Published a year ago
In development
Mac; Windows
Make deals, get rich, or die trying in this unique blend of business-management and life-sim for PC/Mac!

About The Game

The idea for Living the Deal is to create a modern-day management game that is fun to play and encourages players to make compelling choices based on characters that they meet within the world and decisions they can make throughout the story.
It aims to take mechanics familiar with most management sims and use them inside of a narrative framework to explore a variety of themes with a lighthearted tone, reflective of its genre.
Living The Deal will tackle the ideas of capitalism, big business and corporate enterprise by forcing the player to make choices within the management side of the game, however it will also tackle the complexities of relationships and relationship dynamics with a character-driven system that affects, and is also affected by, the players choices within these systems.
The goal is to encourage players to interact with the world and characters in a way that is important to them - with each player making different choices and choosing different characters to align with - causing them to see an alternate development of the story.


Living the Deal is a business management life simulation game that focuses on narrative, time, well-being and relationships. Think The Sims meets Monopoly with a twist of Stardew Valley.


You've just moved to Cedarwood City - a booming new business hub. You’ll first need to survive and perform small tasks to make rent as you learn your way around a brand new town. Your choices will see you grow and expand your life, starting out with nothing, working for a small asset management company and learning how to make the bigger bucks in the town.
As you continue to explore and meet the characters of Cedarwood City, you'll start to make a name for yourself. Eventually, you'll see the darker side of business and begin to need to make dirty choices that will affect both you, your friends and the people around them. Will you choose to do what you can to save the town? Or sell your soul to the greed within you?

Gameplay Features

  • Time Management - Using a phase system the decisions a player makes day-to-day will be important, with certain actions that day requiring more time than others.
  • Business Management - The game will feature a deep business simulation. Players will purchase and manage businesses, upgrading and improving them in hope of turning a tidy profit.
  • Wellbeing Management - A work-life balance is important. Players will need to manage the amount of time spent working, building relationships and looking after their own needs in order to succeed.
  • Freedom of Choice - The player will be free to spend their time how they like, they can focus more on building relationships, their business empire or simply spend all their time building skills instead they can. There will be multiple ways to play and enjoy the world of Cedarwood City.
  • Character Relationships - The player will be able to spend time, get to know and build relationships with various characters. The player will gain perks, access to additional content and stories..
  • Skill / Topic Management - The player will need to spend time building skills in order to maximise their potential when building relationships, applying for part-time jobs or doing business deals.
  • Customisation - The player will be customisable, with different clothing and styles. As well as their HQ/Apartment.
  • Rich Narrative - Combining a main story-arc and multiple character arcs, the player will experience a number of different stories throughout the game.
  • Additional Quests / Minigames - Characters and events will allow the player to diverse from the main game for rewards.
  • Replayability - Through branching narratives and character relationships, as well as the management play. The game will cause players to want to come back and try new styles of play & see new stories.
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Matthew Gambell
Developer & Game Designer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows