Lively Match 3 (Asset)
Lively Match 3 was built from the ground up to give game creators a boost to their own match 3 implementation. Inspired by Frozen Free Fall, this asset includes over 12 tiles that can match, upgrade and merge to create a unique gameplay experience every time with varying objectives. All source is available and allows for rapid iteration for new or existing behaviors. A custom editor is included to empower creators giving them the ability to layout boards with ease. Built and tested for both PC and Android. Finally an avatar can be extended to respond to key events during gameplay. If you are interested in creating a Match 3 game then this package will save you weeks if not months of time.
Over 12 Starting Tiles - 5 matchable color tiles (red, green, blue, yellow, purple). - 4 distinctive upgrades based on match (h-span, v-span, burst, star). - Clay that breaks down each time an adjacent match is made. - Glass that overlays tiles and shatters each time an underlying match is made. - Items that fall off the board each time they reach the bottom. - Torches that grow each time an adjacent match is made, exploding when full. - Blockers that act as a wall.
Custom Level Editor - Create and edit level layouts with ease by instantly switching between them. - Paint Mode to quickly create, override, erase or upgrade tiles. - Randomization functionality with the option to ignore certain cells.
Objective Tracking - Add rules for time or allotted moves. - Require a minimum score or number of specific tiles for completion. - Rating system (1-3 stars) tracked based on scoring requirement.
Basic Avatar Responsiveness - Animation controller to handle idle, matching and game over (won/lost) state. - Can be expanded with additional animations for any state.
Jeffrey A Voigt
Software Engineer - Programmer