Live Help Experts Update December 2018
Updated 10 months ago
Welcome to the Unity Live Help Product Updates for December.
Here’s a round-up of the latest features and enhancements that are coming to Live Help during December 2018.
Direct Booking Link
You can now take advantage of the personal direct booking link to better promote your expert services across all social channels and on your website. This link will route user traffic exclusively to you instead of broadcasting the user requests to all experts. You can also share this link with other experts so that they can transfer requests that are a right fit for your expertise.
You can get your direct booking link by logging in to your Expert dashboard and visiting the My Preferences page. Click Get Direct Booking Link to copy your link and post it on all the social channels that you use. Users who click the link will get a customized request form that will send their requests only to you. If you are online, you will get an instant request as soon as the user submits the form. If you are offline, the user can create a scheduled request.
Weekly featured experts on the Live Help homepage
Starting with the December release, we will be featuring six experts on the Live Help homepage every week, including their direct booking links. These experts will get high visibility among visitors to the homepage that week and a higher chance of connecting directly with users.
To be a featured expert, you need to be highly active on the Live Help platform or a Unity Verified Expert. Writing Unity-related articles, being available most of the time on the platform or accepting user requests that week qualifies you to be a weekly featured expert. If we have more than six experts satisfying the criteria, they will be showcased the next week.

Weekly featured articles in the Live Help homepage
Starting with the December release, we will also feature four standout articles written by experts. These articles will drive users visiting the Live Help homepage to the article pages authored by the experts. Articles are a great way to showcase your talent and attract users who would like to chat with you and pay you for your services.
To be a featured author, you’ll need to publish articles on one of the topics recommended by the Live Help Team. We will pick the two best articles every week to be featured in Live Help email campaigns. The articles with the most views and likes after the campaign will be featured the following week on the homepage.
Live Help homepage for non-Canadian users
We have introduced the Live Help homepage for non-Canadian users. This page will give users who are not in Canada the opportunity to get more information about the platform. This will also let you share your direct booking links or article links globally without worrying about where users are located.
Unity Screen Share Extension
We have introduced Unity’s own improved Screen Share extension. This should be a major user-experience improvement compared to the last plugin. Now after installing this new feature, your video and audio should not be disconnected, and once installed, users will not have to refresh their virtual workspace page.
Please download and install the extension (link below) before starting your next session.
Extension Link:
Amit Sarma
Unity Live Help - Manager