Little Totem Raider
Short Round the cat is the bravest and fearless cat in the all world. With your help you must resolve the 21 temples to find the mysterious GOLDEN TOTEM that can grant any wish. With your intelligence and Short Round's cat-ability you'll resolve any challenge and find this treasure lost in time. THE GAME Inspired in the 3D platformers from the legendary Nintendo 64, our game will take you to resolve the temples moving boxes, activating switches, jumping between moving platforms and using your top ability with the controls to get to the end of each temple. THOUSANDS OF COMPETITORS We’re not the only ones looking for the Golden Totem, but let’s be the firsts ones to do it faster than anyone else to prove that we're the best! Challenge your Facebook friends or show your best scores to become the number one!.
Ricardo Concha
Ingineer in Computer Science