Little Island
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A Small World Of Rabbits


1 Short Intro
2 Story Of Little Island
3 Assets used

1 Short Intro

Hello, My name is Pragnesh Rathod.Iam from India. I have Graduated in the year of 2016. I Love to make Games in unity with c#.thanks unity for this Awesome Platform. I'm not professional in this world. I have started this Project on 6th May 2018.due to lack of time, I used some the assets from an external source.

2 Story

I have got inspiration from movie Stuart Little, and I have also planned to make a game on that. Due to lack of time, I do not a model character from my own. So I downloaded Awesome model Judy-Good from
Story:- "One Crazy Scientist Experimented on rabbits after Millionth of Experiments. one rabbit transformed into the humanoid shape. But Scientist killed his brother in one of the experiments. So That one killed him. and took data of transforming rabbits. He evolved several other . and make a Little Island "

3 Assets used

1 Judy-Good (rabbit)-
2MakeHuman(Chrector base mase -body part and clothes)-
3 Mixamo(online rigging and Animating) -
4 Realistic Terrain Collection LITE -
5 Video Capture(for recording 4k clips) (
6 ow-poly-street-pack(this is alsoawesome pack for roads )
7Low Poly Car Set 2 - Tuningcars -
8 textures and materials.
a)Breakable Floor Tiles
b) Yughues Free Pavement Materials-
c) 18 High Resolution Wall Textures-

This Model is created in Blender..

Pragnesh Rathod