Little India
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The Little India in Singapore
Hi there, My name is Kie Pongsupha. I'm from Thailand. This is the first time that I accomplished something in Unity!
The process took five days from start to finish.
Since the task is about to create an environment scene, so I searched street images in Singapore and India then decided to start with the area called Little India in Singapore.

Preparing scene in Maya

After I knew what the art direction and style I wanna go with, It's time to start modelling in Maya.
The models are not complicated and most of the work is to play with the variation of building color.

Texturing the models

I used Photoshop to create diffuse and Substance Designer to create normal map and ambient occlusion.
Most of the texture I downloaded them from
It's free and you get 15 free credits every day!

Create Level in Unity

Since the scene is not big, I combined multiples models in Maya and exported to Unity, then placed and arranged them and find just the right angle of the camera to make the scene look interesting.
Apart from the models that I made, I also paid for Urban Street Builder Set from assets store

Setting character animation

For the character, I paid it from
I wanted to make the character walking in the direction that I set.
I did check the Loop Time and Loop Pose, to make a character repeatedly walking for both walk and idle animation.
Then created the Animation Controller, created Idle and Walking states and set the boolean to check if the character is walking or not.

Character walking to the path

After that plugged the Animation Controller to the Animator --> Controller (Animate3)
Then created C# script to move the object.
I watched this tutorial and It's pretty good for a starter!
Then created an empty game object (pathParent_Slug) and create the sphere.
The sphere is represented as a positioning node that leads the character go. Then added component --> script (Path2) and plug the pathParent_charcter(path_Slug) to Path Parent
Since the sphere is still visible and I didn't like anyone to see them on the road, I changed the sphere's material to transparent.

Setting the car

I used Car Collection and Car Script basic from assets store.
Car collection
Car Script Basic
For the wheel and physic set up, I followed the Car Script tutorial.
To move a car I added component --> select script (Path2)

Lighting the scene

Because of the time is during the day, so I didn't do much of lighting.
I used skybox from Urban Street Builder Set that I paid and used the directional light as a light source.

Post Processing

The Post Processing is the huge effect that can make a difference in mood and tone of the scene.
I downloaded the Post Processing Stack from assets store.
Then create Post Processing Profile.
Here how I set it up, I used Fog, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of field, Bloom, Color Grading, and Vignette to make a dark border effect.
See the difference?
For me, I think the big part that makes the scene look beautiful is color grading and ambient occlusion.

Cinemachine & Recorder

I downloaded Cinemachine from assets store and because of the scene is an urban landscape environment focus on the living movement. So, I used the Main Camera to set the angle at one position.
The recorder is from assets store, exported with 30 fps, 2560 x 1440, image sequence png format.

Making a video

After that, I imported the png sequence file to Adobe After Effects and exported as a QuickTime format.
Then imported .mov file to Adobe Premiere Pro, then put some title and exported as H.264
Listed of Assets:
Urban Street Builder Set
PBR Creatures (Pack)
Car collection
Car Script Basic
Post Processing Stack
Kie Pongsupha
Kie - Artist