Line of Control
Updated 2 years ago
A Board Game

High Concept

A game between two teams. The objective is to capture the block at the centre of the board and bring it back to your starting point.

The Board

The Line of Control on the board is represented by entire map, with Pakistan on the left and India on the right. The yellow block in the centre represents civilians of unknown origin found in the LoC.
The aim of each team is to capture the civilians and bring them to your Police post. Players play as operatives from Pakistan and India. (4 corners of the Board)


  • Each team can have a maximum of 2 players.
  • Both teams must move a total of 6 (non-repeating) grids each turn. It is necessary to move both the Police and the Black Ops.
  • Only the Police can capture the civilians.
  • Operatives of different countries block each other.
  • If Police and Black Ops of different countries come in contact (are on the next grid) during movement or end of turn, both re-spawn at their original posts.
  • No other interaction is possible
  • Re-spawning causes the civilians to be dropped on the current grid.
Jayant Kumar
Game Designer - Student