Lina Belina
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Lina Belina is an interactive storytelling game about the adventures of a young girl in postwar Spain. Built in Blender and Unity3d with a low-poly aesthetic, the game unfolds in a series of action-based mini-games connected by the story narrative. Aimed at a female game-makers community as well as educational, arts and cultural institutions working with displaced and diaspora groups, the open-source project uses storytelling and easy-to-build 3d interactions to engage makers and audiences of all ages.
The game narrative is based on the memoirs of my mother Avelina Barbon written shortly before her death in 2013. Lina is a feisty, clever and imaginative young girl who fights for equality and a better life for herself during a time of oppression for women under the Franco dictatorship and the Catholic church in 1950’s Spain. Lina and her two brothers have many adventures and use their ingenuity to make the most of things despite the life challenges thrown at them.
As a digital designer new to game development, making just one scene has been a big and wonderful learning journey. The first story is about collecting half of aunties eggs and getting biscuits as a reward - then cheekily selling her half of them and making her think that they are from your own chickens - when in fact your chickens are very lazy and don't lay any eggs.
The next story we will make is a much darker which will be make in Virtual Reality. It's about a time when Lina was locked locked in a bedroom with her baby brother whilst her mother went to milk the cows. She cries herself to sleep and when she wakes up she makes friends with a fly who is also trapped. The game involves helping Lina make a house for the fly in the corner of a window using a piece of bread.
The repo is available on Github at: All models are available on Sketchfab:
Maf'j alvarez
Digital artist and creative technologist - Designer