Lilypad Leap
Published 2 years ago
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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android
Lilypad Leap is a soothing and meditative game. You play as a frog in this addictive little game. The aim is to jump as far and fast as you can to get that elusive high score. You play as the frog in this addictive little lily pad platformer.

Enjoy the calm and meditative atmosphere of the beautiful pond.

Compete with your friends and see who can get the highest score! Or you can relax and take it at your own pace - perfecting your jumps and discovering new types of lily pads.

Easy to use touch and drag controls allow you to jump between pads with ease.


"Fun game to kill time"

"Fun little game that can keep you entertained for hours :) my little cousins, Lucas and Oliver love stealing my phone to play this game"

"A little simple, but nonetheless fun game. I enjoyed it! Will be sharing with friends and family so I can stomp their high scores" (5/5)
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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android