Likely Environments
This work was done as part of my end-of-studies project at the École de Technologie Supérieure (MTI 835) . The project "Environnements susceptibles" is a research project created by Société des Arts Technologiques aiming at studying the notions of ephemeral and the presence of humans in the environment. It allows users to degrade the environment, leave traces and interact with each other. This collaboration with the Metallab of the Société des Arts Technologiques lead to the development of a prototype laying the ground work for "Environnements susceptibles".

I had to design an interactive and degradable environment based on OpenGL and written in C ++. I conducted research in the field of environmental degradation in the virtual world. I was able to model the notions of ephemeral and the sense of presence visually in the form of footprints. The interface offered several means of interaction with the user. Then I had to manage constraints of display, of information storage and of real time. The main special effect technique I used were the bump mapping and the performance tool I developed included the transferring of information to the graphics card through encoded textures.
Yakhoub Dramé
3D Graphics programmer - Programmer