Like a Boss
Description Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be the evil boss that all those pesky heroes fight? Now you can in Like A Boss, a strategic battle game where YOU take on the role of the boss!
Like a Boss is a freemium Action RPG where you are the epic Boss, crushing heroes as they come to steal your treasures. It presents a different perspective to famous MMORPGs, where you (the Boss) needs to face the constant harassment of heartless heroes. Assist fellow monsters in reclaiming their spawn points, burn hero-controlled cities to the ground, destroy quest givers that dare to put contracts on your head, craft ancient artifacts, join a guild of bosses and much more. The game is still under development scheduled to come out later this year. In this project I am the lead designer and programmer of a small team of (on average) 6 people.
This is a big and complex project with a bold goal. We had to work very hard on optimization and flexibility to be sure that when the game is fully released it will be playable on the largest range of devices possible and easy to expand, as since it is a freemium title, we need to be able to push content out constantly to keep players engaged. So far, analytics data has been very promising and we hold very high expectations as to what this game will achieve.
Allan Smith
Lead Designer/Programmer - Programmer