Light Shell
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Let's bring the light back to the shells! - a cyclic platformer adventure

Play a shell - light the shell!

  • In the squirrel's universe, a shell is a planet as in our universe. In the game, a shell is a game scene.
  • Flory(the player character) should break all the black stones that are blocking the light rays from the sun.
  • Flory can run on the surfaces of platform objects in the shell; can hang on and hang from them.
  • Flory can jump, and get bounced by 'bouncer' objects.

Cyclic platformer adventure (feat. dynamic elements) - variety of play paths

  • Vertical or horizontal scrolling platformer? No, it's a cyclic platformer adventure game.
  • A map of a shell is like a wheel. Centering the sun, the radial map makes Flory free to explore in any direction. Flory can reach any spot in the shell any-way. Sometimes, when Flory is near the sun, only a couple of jumps or a single big bounce can deliver Flory to the other half of the shell.
  • Bouncers and dynamic platform objects compose big variations to the travel path of Flory. And sudden movements of spike-balls and NPCs may as well throw turbulence to the path, while lucky items thrown from stone-breaks may extend Flory's sprint path in the air. On the cyclic map design, these dynamic elements together make each play unique.

All for action - an adventure of action varieties

  • Running and jumping from a plain ground is not enough to be a hero in the squirrel's universe. One should be able to run on big-swinging bamboo trees, and throw oneself from a fast-moving pendulum, just to say a few. All such dynamic platform objects are designed to fulfill one mission: to create yet another exciting movement.

Anyone can play it

  • No expensive item, no hard brainwork is needed to light the shells. All you need is to run, jump and bounce with a bit of luck.

Good luck, Flory!

Indie Dev From Springfield - Programmer
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English; French; German; Spanish; Chinese, Simplified; Japanese; Korean
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