Light Knight
Published a year ago
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"Fight in the light or die in the dark!"


Malevolent forces from a time long forgotten have returned and cast the realm into darkness. A single stronghold of light remains... under siege a band of fighters are anointed in light and venture into the shadows to find and destroy the origin of this evil


Light Knight is an epic 2D action-adventure. You’ll explore randomized dungeons, fight crafty and intelligent creatures, and try to avoid dangerous traps built with mysterious technology, all to restore light to the realm.
  • Explore seven different areas, all of them randomized in a way to create a unique playthrough every time
  • Encounter a large array of enemies that range from pathetic slimes, to the aggressive Boarrior, to the massive Gnomech
  • Pickup, use, and throw any weapon from a massive randomized arsenal that utilizes Unity's 2D physics
  • Beautiful hand drawn HD artwork and animation with a unique 2D lighting system that make exploring the darkness exhilarating


Tyler has worked incredibly hard to make sure his concept art becomes beautiful in game art as well. We are using the latest 2D animation tools and adopting the power of the Unity engine in an attempt to make Light Knight as beautiful as it is enjoyable.

Level Design

Every area has been crafted in a way to create a unique multiplayer roguelike experience. Explore with a team or solo to face off against various enemies with complex AI. Take advantage of special rooms to revive lost teammates or purchase powerful weaponry.

Recent demo from a local expo

The goal here was to test out player combat and movement. We also integrated a computed shader tool for our lighting effects.

Development Tools

Coming Soon! We use a lot of stuff :P

About the Developer

Light Knight is the first release by Few Remain. Our small team was founded by two brothers through their individual experience and love of all things gaming. Though we have created some small projects and prototypes in the past, Light Knight is the culmination of all of our gaming knowledge and personal skill-sets. It’s stunningly beautiful, dangerous and dark, and meant to be conquered solo or with friends.
Tyler Parkinson
Tyler is the Artist and Animator behind the beautiful eye candy that is Light Knight. He is also the co-founder of Few Remain and has a passion for creating unique worlds and challenging experiences.
Chris Parkinson
Chris is the programmer for Light Knight and also a co-founder of Few Remain. He is obsessed with 2D platform style games and drafting one of a kind tools that he can then use to make sure players have a unique journey every time they pick up a controller.
Few Remain
Joao Milone
a year ago
Indie Game Dev - Programmer
Art and animations on this are top notch! Awesome!
HOUI like it very much...
Thank you!
Prakash Karkeeso cool !!!
Thank you! Should be some more coming on here soon.
Kathya Zuniga GonzalezThis needs more likes. Did you use some unity tool for the character animation or sprites imported from an animation software?
Thank you so much! We are using Spine for our animations. It creates an animated mesh. Spine has a Unity library that lets you set up a controller to handle all of the different states. You can also convert them all to Unity animations as well. We like Spine just because it helps keep the art and development workflows separate. Tyler works in Photoshop and Spine and I work in Unity :)
a year ago
I like it very much...