ProxiArtChalleng: Life passing by
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We keep all our memories in a chronological way inside the brain. When we try to remember a memory we always looking back on time and we see actions that helps us to find the correct moment. So all is linked together and can not be separate one to the other. My proposal is represent this memories on a different parts of the brain. Showing "How the life is passing by".

First Scene: Childhood

The fist scene represents my childhood holidays with the family. My father was travelling around the world as a merchant mariner during 6 month. So most of the time my brother and I were with my mum. Because of the situation when my father was around Spanish ports we went to visit and travel with him. I remember those days the best holidays ever, I was running all around the ship playing with my brother, some times seeing dolphin and wales following us. And of course have fun with the crew.

Second Scene: A new beginning

Once I finished my studies in 2010, I moved to London. It was dark days in Spain when the crisis started. In my mind it was just a three month trial to see how things where and also to learn English... I find a job, and my three months where passing by. After 3 years I started to be self-employed and freelance as a Graphic and 3D designer. After 8 years things are moving smoothly and I'm constantly growing as a worker and as a person. Was hard in the beginning but with perseverance I got it.

Third Scene: Good move

Few years ago I met someone in London that make me the happiest man, two years later to met her we moved from London to the south coast of England. I was becoming older and the option to continuing shearing a flat with people it wasn't there any more. So my girlfriend and I decided to move in a place and live together. It was the first time I felt that it was my house... our new home.

Concept Art:

Space: That was the most complicated part, thinking the three memories and how to represent them. I wanted to do something different, instead to make the three scenes separably. Make them in a way that they can have meaning individually and also be part of the others at the same time. At the end I thought that having all three in the same word represented by a brain, having the meaning of an storage place.
Characters: Ones I have the main idea it was time to think who will be on those memories. As they are my memories one of the characters will be me. I decided to make myself at different moments of my life. Childhood, teenager and adult. Also I need To draw my girlfriend as she is part of my last memory. It was complicate to find the style to much all the objects in the scene but at the end the simple the better as always.

Elements: Last part of this process was draw a different main objects that needed to be in the scene. Those elements where had to be part of the scene meaning. Like the Ship in the first, the jet in the second and the car in the third. Also other elements like the buildings, dolphins, etc. In my case all the scenes elements play important part of the memory.


That was the funniest part for me, is when all my drawings are going to be real. When I started to study 3D I never imagined that so many things could be created from a cube. For me that part of the project is the relaxing part, just put some music on, and start to fly the imagination in different directions to find the simple way to create a shape that it looked so complicated at the beginning. I just fall in love with the assets modelling process. I used 3Dmax , simplifying the original shapes by cubs adding as less polygons possible in the way that looks correct to the eye.


This is my weakness part, for me unwrapping the uvw is one of the things that I always try to avoid, but if it needs to be done I'll do it. On the other hand when all is well unwrap then I love to try new things in Photoshop or Substance and see how the model looks like. In this case because was low polys models I just use Photoshop. Easy, simple and quick.

Assemble with Unity

That was a fun part, normally my job is importing the assets to Unity with the texture and check that everything it looks good. so assembling the scenes it was quick. Lighting: for me this part is one of the most important. with a bad light can be ruin most of the work.I started to putting a plane skybox blue colour just to not be distracted for the main focus.
Then I introduce 1 general yellow light to illuminated the scene, a second blue general light called ring with less intensity, to make a bit of contrast.
Each scene have they own lights, giving the viewer a more interesting feeling of the situation. Also to intensify moment of the memory and the character action.
Cinemachine: Was my first time working with it, at the the first look it was a bit complicated but once I started to put everything in place, it was quite quick to move the cameras around and set up all the scenes. I liked working with the DOF of the camera.
PostProcessing: To finished the project I used a touch of PostProcessing plug in, the fastest and easiest way to make your game looks perfect. Where all the magic happens!

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Wau smart idea man .) I love it
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Very good updates :) Good luck. Hope to see your final video
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Nice abstraction of the holy family cathedral... Keep the good work.
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Nice start :)