Life Of The Great Mahatma : an AR based app showcasing life journey of Gandhiji
SUBMISSIONS ON THE TOPIC " Highlighting some important life moments of his life"

The app aims to showcase some of the great life moments of our beloved Gandhi Ji using Augmented reality .

Using UNITY and VUFORIA , the app has two synchronized image targets which feeds videos as well as a timeline view of the life journey of Bapu .

Please find the app through the following link and do try yourself . While developing the app i got to know so much new about Gandhi ji that is worth more than any award .

It is highly recommended that beyond this app the users go on the embedded links and find out more about Gandhi Ji .

The description about how to use the app is mentioned in the attached images and app itself .

Please do share your reviews as after so many weeks of works , appreciation feels great !

Drive link:- video link :-
Akash Bajpai
AR developer - Student
Kritika Singh
a year ago
Great app , gonna try it right now !!