Reality Check
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It is strange and deep indie-game with puzzles about US, humans😁


Reality Check is a psychological game, where level design and game play convey a message in a character's dream about US, humans. We all overcome one period in our life, when we start understanding how world works. This represented in the game as 3 concepts: Craft, Harmony and Ego. Initially it should be more, but we managed to compact our ideas. However, the game offers non-liner walk-through, that makes it somewhat personalized. In the video we showed only one outcome, while it is possible to discover at least two more. We plan to extend the content in the future and add some additional levels. Work-in progress is discussed below in the article.


In levels, there is only one goal: find the key and open the door. This represents our life progress.
In the first level, if you notice, key that open the door and allows to progress has unusual recipe: Time, Book, Passion and just Iron. First tree are major contributors to the idea about craft, which basically says that
Spend time, acquire knowledge, and be passionate to perfect your craft
The second level, bus, represents life, which belongs to character of the game. It may also represent our life too. In particular, in the beginning character's luggage is all over the place, i.e. it is chaotic. The bus itself won't move, no matter how driver or character wants it. This says that if we have internal concerns or we are uncertain, didn't decide something, our life doesn't move.
Live in harmony to see past the obstacles in life
On the level, player is able to fix it by creating music using the Pipe Organ, i.e. something, which is meant to create harmony. Usually, in nature all good music has harmony and it is not limited to classic instruments. As player helps the character to discover more musical notes around the bus and play the song, stuff starts moving around and bus becomes operational. When the key is found, player can leave the bus and continue the journey.
On the last level, house, player faces Ego, which needs food. It also has a key and it won't let you go unless it is satisfied. When the game was recorded, I, thedrhax14, decided to cook Ratatouille, because it is reference to the movie itself:) There are two more options: fried eggs and borscht. Desired meal is random for every player and can be figured out, if you remember the time in the beginning of the game:D This element is planned to be simplified in the future, when game will be released. The message is
Work in the service of others, tame your ego


Some people forget or some of them even don't know that if they seek for a progress then they find challenges and give up or start being just wrong to other people. While, WE , the team, are gamers, who believe that game development is an art form, which is able to deliver deep message to cause positive impact in a person or people. So, we decided to make such game, which stick to people's mind and remind them about what craft is made of, why harmony is important and how ego may slow down.


Here is some references we used to design levels.

Tools and Features

Cinamachine was used to create natural camera movement and cinematic shots like this one
The whole game logic was build using Behavior Designer. Literally every single thing you can interact has tree on it:D Below you can see one of trees we used to implement simple crafting:
The most favorite packs of models and the most beneficial for us were Mountain Trees and Factory Interior Vol1. They really add a lot of atmosphere into the game.
Our own assets can be seen in the bus level and kitchen level. The bus level is actually very special because we made a modeling kit, which allowed us to use procedural workflow in the design of the bus:
Kitchen level is only special because me, thedrhax14, and Inkar made by ourselfs:) It was modeled in Maya 2018, textured in Substance Painter and Designer. For the listed software we have valid student license.
Special credits deserves our composer @Michael Brandstatter, who made everything you hear in the game (except footsteps and sounds of cooking)


The game have experienced a lot of changes since December 2018 in terms of levels, puzzles, content, logic, story and more. We have saved all videos and you can watch them below. Most of them are first small video demos.


Amrullah Mishelov a.k.a thedrhax14 as Game Developer Umar Sayed a.k.a Person Fang as Game Designer Inkar-begim Kereyeva as Level Designer We all study 3rd of Computer Science in Heriot-Watt University Michael Brandstatter as Composer, studies 3rd of Mechanical Engineering

Other small notes

  • Development was started in 12 of December 2018
  • We extensively use Cinemachine and Behaviour Designer
  • We use Legacy/Built-in Rendering Pipeline
  • We use unity3d 2019.1.0a14
  • We use Autodesk Maya 2018 for students.
  • Inspiration comes from game Undertale, which has similar message behind the gameplay and the story
  • We love story based games:)
  • We have all licenses and invoices for every third party asset we used. If you want to request it, contact @TheDrhax14
Dr.Hax Production
Person Fang
Game Designer - Student
8 months ago
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Aki_ADKGamesNice thumbnail update btw.! You should show more of that in your article. :)
Thanks, more updates are coming:)
8 months ago
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Nice thumbnail update btw.! You should show more of that in your article. :)
8 months ago
Indie Game Dev
Evgenia Zvyagina@TheDrhax14 Hi, I saw this video and immediately thought about your project. Maybe this will inspire you.
Oh, thanks, I know this guy. I wish unity engine would allow this:( Even SRP doesn't help to create such levels
Evgenia Zvyagina
8 months ago
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@TheDrhax14 Hi, I saw this video and immediately thought about your project. Maybe this will inspire you.
8 months ago
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A? Most of my friends managed to watch. Videos are not playing only if you are not logged in. Anyway, alternatively you can check the twitter.