Life Lesson (Subject to change)
Updated 8 days ago
It is strange and deep indie-game with puzzles about our life😁


At this stage We can't really share much about the whole story and concept of the game, because we really want players to get it. Actually, We will share some rhetorical questions to expose some story in the January. Notice that we didn't even use real name yet, because we want to choose the one that describes the idea in the best way. The current one will work for now.


Mainly it is a First Person puzzle-adventure game. It has 4 different puzzles with completely different mechanics and one level with obstacles. There is two more levels, but it is just intro and outro. The process of solving puzzles may remind you the way ML algorithm works😁.


The game will use primarily cartoon style with natural lights and shadows. Inspiration comes from works of one 3D artist called 3dEx. We will do our best to keep it optimized, so that it will be possible to run it on low-end hardware (maybe phones?). Check a short footage of the some levels:


Main source of sounds and SFX is (what a surprise!). Ambient of the game will feel like this mix. NOTE: we are not going to use those songs!

Other small notes

  • Development was started in 12 of December 2018
  • We extensively use Cinemachine and Behaviour Designer
  • We use Legacy/Built-in Rendering Pipeline
  • We use unity3d 2018.3.0f2
  • We use Autodesk Maya 2018 for students, but plan to switch to Blender.

Dr.Hax Production
Person Fang
Game Designer - Student
11 days ago
Indie Game Developer - Programmer
A? Most of my friends managed to watch. Videos are not playing only if you are not logged in. Anyway, alternatively you can check the twitter.
Saurabh Saxena
12 days ago
Founder of Delhi Technology Club - Artist
Good 👍 but some video are not playing .
14 days ago
Indie Game Developer - Programmer
MatthewLooks cool, I’d love to see more. :)
Hi, thanks for the comment:) Check the channel or our twitter: We are posting updates here and there. However, if we have more significant updates, then we will update submission page🙂
23 days ago
Senior Game Developer - Designer
Looks cool, I’d love to see more. :)