leVRn-Concepts: Time Relativity
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Android; Other VR
It's an educational VR experience made for Daydream that teaches the wonders of time dilation.
leVRn-Concepts is a compilation of educative virtual reality experiences that focuses on explaining very complex and conceptual theories in a simple to understand format using virtual reality as a medium. With virtual reality, leVRn-Concepts demystifies difficult phenomena and concepts across all educative fields.

leVRn-Concepts: Time Relativity is one of the leVRn-Concepts experiences which is centered around clarifying the wonders of time relativity. It puts into perspective, phenomena like velocity time dilation and gravitational time dilation in a way that's very simple to understand and interactive. It does justice to describing relativity in itself and how it affects how we view things. At the end of the experience, users will be justly educated on concepts like time dilation and relativity and would be knowledgeable enough to explain it to others.
Olutade Ajiboye
VR Developer - Programmer
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Android; Other VR