Leviathan Track
A racing game track created as a school project. The track was sectioned into 3 separate themed areas, futuristic city, factor and underwater tunnels. When designing the track I first wanted to section out what the areas would be and in what order they would be sequenced. I drew up a very simple bubble diagram to arrange the sections of the track, including the city, robotic facility and underwater tunnel. I also included some plans for defined moments that could be engaged with along the track. From there I drew up my final layout diagram. I wanted the track to feel very smooth and snake like, with large swerving bends and lots of wide stretches of road. This could allow the player to get to high speeds for maximum engagement and fun. For the AI, I wanted to implement a “rubber banding” like effect, where the cars will try to stay within a certain distance of the player at any given time on the track. The design was based around three different difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. The easy cars will stay with the player at the beginning of the race, by the middle of the race they will aim to be always be behind the player by slowing down and reducing their handling skills. By the last lap they will be still aiming for a spot behind the player. The medium car will go slightly ahead of the player on the first lap, stay with the player on the second and try to aim behind the player on the third lap. The more difficult car will aim to go further than the player for the first lap and second lap and try to maintain same distance the last lap, making them the hardest to beat. This would allow the player to be with one of the difficulties at a time, usually easy on first lap, medium on second and hard on the last lap.
Katie Phillips
Level Designer - Designer
Sci-Fi, Environment, CG artist
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