Level Generator 2D
Level Generator 2D lets you procedurally generate your level with your own hand-crafted rooms. Rooms can be placed around each other without leaving empty, unusable space between them. Auto-generate walls and doorways between rooms. Whether your game is top-down, a puzzler, a platformer, or any other 2D genre, Level Generator 2D can help you randomize your content! How it works: Step 1. Add Room Template. Step 2. Hand-craft Room using Native Unity. Step 3. Repeat Steps 1-2. Step 4. Add Level Controller. Step 5. Press Play. Your rooms, whether they be puzzles, dungeons, or boss fights, will be connected to all of your other rooms for seamless content delivery. With Level Generator 2D's optimized performance, levels can be generated during run-time. Most algorithms either restrict rooms to a constant size or require the use of corridors, but Level Generator 2D's algorithm allows for multi-dimensional rooms without corridors!
Sam Knox
Unity Engineer - Owner