Level Designer on Waddle Away
I participated in the danish DADIU programme. Taken from "DADIU educates future game developers. The students participating in DADIU come from art schools and universities in all of Denmark..." "The students participate in classes, workshops, and game productions. During the productions, the students are divided into six teams, resembling six real game studios." I worked as the Level Designer for my team. In the final six weeks of the programme we developed our graduation game: Waddle Away.
Waddle Away is particularly interesting seen form a level designer's perspective due to the large amount of player interactivity with the level itself. In Waddle Away several penguins will continuously move forward in levels consisting of two lanes. It is the player's task to guide the penguins safely to the end of the level, avoiding lethal traps, by dragging various tools into the game space. An interesting part of this is that the player only has a limited number of tools, making for some great strategical and "Oops!" moments!
Christopher Nelson
Game- & Level Design & Coding - Designer
Nicklas Pingel
Unity Core Developer - Programmer