Let Me Axe You A Quest-ion
Published 2 years ago
In development
Let Me Axe You A Quest-ion is the first big game that I'm actually confident in finishing. For the main part it is a 2.5D auto-sidescroller with RPG elements, where you play as a guy that fights an evil force which took over most living creatures in the land. While he travels through the world to uncover and fight the source of that evil, he keeps returning to a tavern, in which he upgrades his weapons and armor with the resources he finds along the way.
After Tama falls from the sky for an yet unknown reason, he encounters the talking cat Fela that notices his injuries and leads him to a nearby tavern to let him rest there. From there on out, he has to prove worthy to the innkeeper and that he has the courage to defeat the evil creatures that lurk around the tavern to accommodate for the housing.
The tavern that the player returns to after each exploration is well-visited by random NPCs that occasionally leave quests on the billboard, which can be either accepted or ignored. These contain randomized conditions and rewards and come in different tiers of difficulty.
The cat that you encountered at the beginning later turns out to be a shape-shifter and the herbal witch of the tavern.
On your journeys, she follows you around in her cat shape and records what enemies you encountered, what Items you've collected and other statistics.
The gameplay depends on the equipped weapon-type but mainly consists of swiping from the top-right to the bottom-left to throw your weapon at enemies with the right timing and aim (so kind of like an Angry Birds in RPG form :P).
You can find around 500 different Items and encounter various enemies of different types, with different strengths and weaknesses. There exist multiple classes that you can freely change by equipping an appropriate weapon. You can upgrade your weapons and armor along different upgrade paths.
As you progress through the game, you can unlock further areas to explore, depending on certain key items. These can be obtained from clearing special quests, like defeating the boss of the current area or finishing it with a special condition. In each area you can encounter a unique boss behaving differently from normal enemies and other bosses. Each level has up to 50 difficulty levels, making the enemies stronger, but also the loot more rewarding.
The way how I realized the data-management is by creating a Google-Spreadsheet and serving the data to the Game Data Editor (GDE) asset, which is a very handy tool (though takes a bit to get used to) when it comes creating and managing game-data and plays quite nicely with the PlayMaker asset. I've also done my part on that and created and shared various helpful Custom PlayMaker Actions for GDE to check and manipulate values, which can be found here.
The game will initially be available in both English and German with more languages to be added depending on the success and amount of requests. It will also make great use of my upcoming Unity asset NGUIToolbox to visualy enhance the UI and scenery, as well as to easily create and manage 2D animations and particle systems; all while staying in the realm of NGUI.
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English; German
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