Lendas - Legends War
Overview: Meet Saci, Curupira, Iara, Cuca and Boitata the most well known folklore legends of Brazil. Help them as they fight to defend the forest and rescue engendered species or fight your way on a up to 5 players battle mode to see who's got the best aim and skills. Make use of the bow and arrow, coconut bomb, lance and magic teleport to gain the upper hand and defeat your friends. Travel across Brazil and get to know the different places the country has to offer. From the chilly southern states to the always hot northern region to the beautiful amazon forest and cosmopolitan cities like São Paulo and the well know Rio de Janeiro. Detailed Info: Worked on both single player and multiplayer aspects of the game. Worked on the handling of different weapon. Also advised and helped shape the help mode by making it something like a closed box for the player to try out everything the game has to offer without any text imposing. Also worked closelly with the game designer to improve the single player levels. Side Note: Probably the most ambitious project we worked on and finished with stellar success. We were able to make a fully playable multiplayer game up to 5 players on the TV with multiple weapons, stages and so on and also have a single player mode. It was a great time for us and I'm really proud of this project for all the hard work we put into it.
Silvio Carréra
Game Developer - Programmer