LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack
2.5 K
Available on, the Apple App Store and on Google Play, LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack is our latest game in the phenomenally popular series and is a result of our expanding partnership with The LEGO Group. Taking what we've learned from our experience of making online browser based games, we combined designs and features that were heavily based on feedback from our previous titles. The first time that The LEGO Group has licensed the release of a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases, our main task was to create a sustainable, long term digital strategy by responsibily monetising the game. The revenue from the monetisation will be used continually invest in the game and create additional content in the future, helping to retain and engage with players. Coinciding with the launch of the latest range of toys, 'LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack' sees Makuhero City under attack from evil brains that have possessed inhabitants across the planet and are now threatening the security of the Hero Factory. Players must defend a number of key locations around the city to prevent the marauding brains from seizing control. To help them in their task, they can choose a sidekick to fight alongside. Their team mate can be chosen from their friends on LEGO ID or from the ranks of experienced Heroes: Bulk, Breez, Rock and Furno. Players can also spend game points on customising their hero by upgrading their weaponry and armour to the latest Hero technology the Assembly Tower has to offer, including blasters, swords, axes and mech-bows. Game points are earned in game but can also be unlocked using unique codes on the physical LEGO Hero Factory products. There are in-game achievements to unlock, awarded for collecting pick-ups or defeating over 1000 brains, offering a greater re-playability.
Robert Bateman
Senior Programmer - Programmer