LEGO® City: My City 2
Take to the streets, skies or seas and let your imagination run wild as you build cool vehicles to complete daring missions! Explore the city, choose from a variety of minigames, build a vehicle suited to that minigame, and play it. Jet-propelled hotdog stand with tank tracks? No problem. Helicopter port-a-loo? Why not! The more missions you complete, the more vehicle parts you unlock and the crazier designs you can build. The physics engine used is Nvidia's PhysX in Unity which makes your creations fun and satisfying to drive through the open-world sandbox-like environments. This is one of Amuzo's largest endeavours, spanning multiple years of updates with new content. Available on web, Google Play, and the App Store. Awards: • Winner 2016 - Dorset Business Awards (Creative and Digital Impact Award)
Robert Bateman
Senior Programmer - Programmer