Lego: NEXO Knights

Lego: NEXO Knights

To launch LEGO Nexo Knights, MediaMonks produced an in-store game, VR installation and online quest platform. The VR installation allows kids to meet the heroes of the IP in person. Using Google Cardboard, kids can look around the Nexo Knights training ground for an interactive introduction to the knights and their signature moves. The in-store game uses motion-tracking to let kids play with the knights in a virtual training simulation using a real wand and Nexo Shield. But to become a real Nexo Knight, kids have to join our online Nexo Knights Academy to complete a series of IP-related quests.
Together with the games team at Media Monks we were able to create this within just a few months. Having the task of 3D lead. I had to make sure all assets were implemented, programmers knew what to do with these assets, and overall QA before it is reviewed. And creating a base art style for the rest of the team to work from. Character creation, environments, lighting and scene management. – Created in 2016.
Robert Berrier
Senoir 3D Artist - Owner