Lego Metal Gear Solid : Rex final fight (WIP)
I am currently working on a personal project to improve my animation and rendering / post compo skills.
It is a 3D remake of the scene of Metal Gear Solid's final fight against the Rex but with Lego characters and bricks.
The idea came to me after spending more time than reason designing the Metal Gear Rex model in Lego with the Lego Digital Designer software with no other purpose than the challenges of its design (and eventually being able to get me the bricks one day and build it in real life... but now I will have to wait to have the budget that goes with it: 2600 bricks, it is not cheap :p).
You can find the Metal Gear Rex model on BrickLink.
This is a project on my free time, so it will take me a lot of time so for now it's a teasing in WIP mode
See you soon for the next part!
Stéphane Grossoleil
CG Artist - 2D/3D Animator @ Angry Squirrels - Artist