Learning with videogames
Like my final project to get the master’s degree in the Polytechnic University Of Durango, I decided to develop a video game whit fourth levels with different game dynamics. In the first one, the player will see a word in the upper part of the scream, and he has to move a bar so a ball with a letter can hit one of the fishes in the lower part, if the ball has a letter that can complete the word, it has to hit the green fish, if it's not the case, it will have to hit the red one. The second level has a similar mechanic that the first one, the only difference is that there are two balls, every one with a letter and the player has to throw away the one that completes the word. The third level is used to practice vocabulary asking the player to give the correct translation in Spanish of some basic words, the last level can help to memorize the conjugation of some irregular verbs in different times. After all the developing process, I got a functional version of the project for Android devices that was tested by some kids and my classmates.
Annecy Sanchez Tovar
Programer - Student