Learn the basics of unity
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Beginner guide On how to mode the microgames:
Beginner guide on how to mod the microgames:

As a beginner in the unity game engine, it can be difficult to learn all that besice in unity if you have not used unity before. Luckily we have the micro games they will teach you about it becsice in unity. But lately the micro games have been updated and given new mod that can be used to make the game more yours, some of the mic games have got a lot of mod that can be used and this can make it difficult for a beginner, and it may not be easy choose which mode to start with.

I had the same problem with the micro games and could not choose which mod I should start with either. So i made a list of which mod I could start with and since I was a beginner and had not used unity it helps me a lot. This is why I will share that tip with you who are new to unity. So you can learn the beisce of unity.

Here is the list for the FPS microgame. Mod to start with the FPS microgame:

Level desing:

Build a level with Pro Grids

Ekpand a level

Level Art

Customize the sky

Adding post-process effects

A splash of color

Addig enemy:

7. Add a new Enemy Robot

8. Build your Customizable Boss

9. Set up your Customizable Boss’ weapons

10. Add a personalized animated face to your Customizable Boss

11. Creating the Navigation Mesh


12. Set up a new burst rifle weapon

13. Unlock a new Sniper Rifle weapon

14. Weapon Parameters

15. Customize weapon projectiles

16. Dual-weapon wielding


17. Player Properties

18. Tweak damage dealt by enemies and attack range

19. Treffpoeng

20. Healing ally robots

21. Power Up Health Pack

22. New Loot Item from Destroying Enemies

23. Changing and adding Game Objectives

24. CCTV live in-game camera feed


25. wap your sounds

26. Mix your own sci-fi soundtrack

27. Tune up your game's performance

28. Add a new level to your game flow

29. Name your game

30. Share your game on the web

If you have completed the various modes of the micro games. Or do you know the besice in unity but do not know how to start making a game from scratch. the course create with code can be a good choice.

Unity has an open project that you can join. The project takes place in gitthu. You can read more about it in the blog of unity. It can help you a lot with how a game is made together with other developers. And what it's like to work in large teams.

Hope you enjoyed this article. And my tip on how to customize FPS micro game.

I really wanted to share this tip to help beginners so they can continue to learn more and gain new skills. Wish all developers in unity good luck in the game development journeys.