Leap to a New Start
Published a year ago
My Submission
Hi, I have recently started using Unity. I just wanted to submit this as my very first project, It´s a pretty basic scene. Also because of the fact that I learned about the contest really late.
I started by defining what I wanted for this setting, I chose a city kind of well developed. Even though I saw the references, I decided to create my very own location.
I made the grand majority of assets myself since I have no money to buy assets.
The asset Store
I gave the asset Store its fairshare use, of course I downloaded the required packages, such as Cinemachine and the Post Processing Stack.
I also downloaded the Standard Assets Unity provides, since they provide amazing tools for new users, as well as assets. I found the particle systems really helpful because I have no knowledge on how to create them from scratch.
I Downloaded mainly geometry assets, to fill in blank spaces. I also tried to download scripts to create volumetric lights, but none of them seem to work, please fix that.

Post Processing Stack
Since I couldn´t find a way to add volumetricness to the lights, the bloom effect and Depth of field the post processing in unity provides helped to reach a similar effect.
Other effects like motion Blur help to give more meaning to an otherwise bland scene.

Another great tool for films and animations. Cinemachine works really well once you get the hang of it, sadly I wasn´t able to play with cinemachine´s posibilities because of a lack of time. It´s great that they keep adding awesome tools to Unity.

The Experience
Overall, the fact that I managed to complete this scene really brings me joy. It´s not the best but it counts, It helped me realize about my errors and the areas I can improve.
I still have a lot to learn, but It was a pretty enjoyable experience, feeling the pressure of having a time limit makes it exciting. I hope to see more contests like this in the future.

Diego Alejandro Tovar Hernandez
College - Student