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Experimental Vision Therapy in VR
LazyVR Overlay is a free experimental tool for SteamVR that aims to explore the potential for therapy and treatment for Lazy Eye using VR. This project may also be useful to programmers looking to extend the VR experience with similar overlay techniques such as embedding content into other VR applications.
Amblyopia as it is medically known, is a vision disorder where the affected eyes do not see properly. It happens because one or both eyes are unable to build a strong link to the brain. Typically this means decreased vision in one eye and and an overall reduction in stereo vision.

Helping with Amblyopia

The most common treatment for amblyopia is the use of techniques that force the brain to utilise the weaker eye more. The most commonly prescribed method is the use of an eyepatch.
Since we have direct control over what each eye sees in VR there is an opportunity to go beyond this basic approaches. By using alternativng mask patterns on each eye we can retain all the benefits of the eye-patch technique whilst keeping both eyes active and engageed.
The hope is that by encouraging both eyes to work in unison certain forms of amblyopia can be treated more effectivly.

Download LazyVR Overlay for SteamVR

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