Lazer Cops
1-4 player local coop retro car smashing bullet hell
Lazer cops is a 80s inspired retro sidescroller for up to four players. Grab your favourite buddy and sit down on the couch for some quality cooperative gameplay or play alone and test your multitasking. Play as the Lazer Cops, patrolling the star highway and protecting innocent civilians from vicious criminals like the Nova Gang. The Players control 2 or more cars on-screen, and need to work together to use their deadly Lazer Tether, which is strung between their vehicles. Use your lazer tether to ruthlessly destroy criminals and rescue civilians. Expand your tether by getting points. Just make sure it doesn’t get stuck on obstacles! Players: 1-4 Local Multiplayer Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Distribution: Steam, Language: English Controller & Keyboard Compatible Price: $ 5-10 Release Date: February-March 2017
Michael Long
Foolish Mortals Games