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Available on
Windows; iOS; Android; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8
Published by XBOX Brazil and Asenses the app idea is to advertise upcoming XBOX titles in a more engaged manner. More about the marketing campaign here


Made with Unity and released on Windows Phone, Android and iOS, the app development had several challenges:
• Record a video with a pre-rendered alpha movie in front of it.
• Use face recognition to record video or take photos, like Snapchat.

Handling Video playback with alpha​​​​​​​

In 2016 Unity doesn't support alpha movies by default (not sure if still the same), so I need to ask video producer to provide in the same video both versions: actual movie and above with the alpha.
Then I created a custom shader to handle alpha pixels, like in the image below:


As the Senior programmer in this project, my main responsibility was to find the best technologies available to achieve client goals:
  • define the strategy, scope, and roadmap for the game’s technical development.
  • prioritize and plan to release each feature module on strict deadlines.
  • test plugins, libraries, and SDK very quickly and with excellent analysis.
  • develop effective solutions on 3 different platforms.
Otto Oliveira
Senior Game Programmer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; iOS; Android; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8