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A world in a box


Hey all, gonna try my hand with this challenge. I know the submission is a little late, only started on the 1st of Jan. After working out my timetable, found out I had very little time to write this out. It's the 14th of Jan as I am writing this introduction!
Discovered Unity and the other wonders of the free internet (C#, Java, Blender, GIMP, Bosca Ceoil, Object Broadcasting Studio) in August 2017. Watched Tutorials since then.
I made my own company, called MasterPotato Productions just for this challenge.


Earth is gone.
But mankind is not.
We built a satellite that was able to carry us on it. But how many of us? Enough to carry the entire population of Earth, and maybe more...

Concept Art

Credit goes to Google Image for the concept Art.

Process (Split into Days):

Day 1: Tutorial Day

  • Needed a refresher on how to use Unity again. And for other software like Blender and GIMP.
  • Also imagined out my scene, and created a list of what I needed for it.
  • Familiarizing myself with the Asset Store.

Day 2: Planning

  • I dedicated myself a whole day solely for planning. Included:
  1. Objects. From what objects to how they look.
  2. Scripts. Particularly a custom Editor Window for screenshots? Ended up using one from the Assets store anyway.
  3. And playing around with Timeline, Cinemachine & the Post-Processing Stack.
  4. Layout. The placement of the objects.
I decided to go with 2 scenes, one from inside the Satellite, and another from outside to show how they're connected.

Day 3: Downloading Assets

  • I used Free Assets.
  • Searched through the Asset Store with the list of items with me at the time.
  • Downloaded, imported and tested them in a Test Scene before actually using them.

Day 4: Starting the Scene

This was where I had my first hiccup, because I wanted to create a park next to the City, so I created a Terrain to cater for both. But the tools that affected the Terrain caused too much disturbances to the city portion of the scene. (No image here, just imagine Grass and Trees and strange textures on top of the Roads)
So, city side first. Laid out the roads, lampposts and the buildings after. All from the Asset store.

After the City part, I started with the Park Side, which I used the Terrain tool and all the standard textures (And trees).
That crater in the middle is for the pool, which is under construction. Spent the whole day for this piece of land alone.

Day 5: Modelling Day 1

Using Blender, I tried making a destroyed planet (image 1) but wasn't too satisfied with it.

After many tutorials, I finally made one which looked a lot better to me (image 2).
  • Made and animated the Satellite after this.

Day 6: Modelling Day 2

  • Again, with Blender. I decided to go with a Triangular-Prism looking Traffic Light, because I felt it suited the theme of the scene I was going for (and the title).
  • Spent an half the day trying to figure out how the timing of the Traffic Light for animation.
  • Made a bottle. (Image)
  • And the Welcome SignBoard.

Day 7: Coming back to the Scene (Part 1)

I started with the Satellite Scene. Adjusting the planet and the Satellite together with the camera to get a good angle. Skybox here is from the Asset store.

Back in Scene 1, I continued fiddling with the foundation (Plane & Terrain) until I was happy with it. Struggled with trying to stick the terrain nicely to the Ground plane, also had problems with the snap tool (more like it was snapping at me). I managed somehow.
Once the 2 were together, I placed the stone fences in between.

Day 8: Coming back to the Scene (Part 2)

The city I created lives at the 'corner' of the satellite. I did this to portray what the end of the satellite would look like from the inside.
And the boundary takes the form of a series of glass panels with a warning saying it's the end.
Then worked on other boundaries, which are simply UI pieces put in the World Space.

Day 9: Coming back to the Scene (Part 3)

Finally, I had to put the particle systems in place. I had trouble making these, since I wasn't very well versed with the whole particle system thing. But after some tutorials, yeah, it actually turned out really easy.
For placement, if you didn't notice, the roads come with pavements built-in, but it also has a gap, which is great for my scene because I planned to add particles there.
The particles here act like some sort of restriction zone between the cars and the people walking, and only triggers when there is a living being (pedestrian or driver) next to it. Also, it's a good place to throw your rubbish. (Technology)
Another place I put the particles is at access points.
Finally, I put the other details in. (Traffic lights, cars, UI and other stuff)

Days 10 & 11 - Cinemachine & Timeline

Cinemachine (8 CM vcams in Scene 1 and 2 CM vcams in Scene 2) & Timeline. Yeah, watch video below.
A trouble I did have though was with the events. I understand that Events don't currently work with Timeline, the option is there, but it's not working, or I was doing it wrong. So, I created a separate animation (Not timeline) on another object to hold the events, then run it concurrent with Timeline. Worked out pretty good.

Day 12: Post-Processing

Not very good at this. But I think the image looked pretty good after post-processing. Just breathed life into the scene. Nice.
Used... AO, a bit of Motion Blur, Bloom, a bit of Colour grading & Vignette.

Wanted to use AA, but sadly the hardware couldn't handle the awesomeness.

Day 13: Audio

Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time for the Audio because of other more urgent stuff. Instead of adding the sound effects and adjusting them later, I decided to use whatever time left of the day to create a simple tune using the Bosca Ceoil Software.

Day 14: Recording!!

The hardest part. My hardware can barely handle Unity, but it can't handle recording. I had to resort to changing out or removing some of the buildings unfortunately. But it came out ok.
At the end though, I had to ask someone else to help record my scene...

Day 15: Submission (Final)

Here it is, my final submission. I apologize for not having any WIP videos before this, but seeing that recording can take a while, I decided to use the time instead to finish up the scene first, then let this final video do the rest.

P.S. What about the flying cars? You can find them in another Lattice. ;)

Huge thanks to the creators for the Assets

  • Jacek Jankowski - Simple Modular Street Kit 1.0
  • Ben Droste - Stone Fence 1.0
  • Dimonati - Park Props Pack 1.0
  • ChermandirKun - Town Houses Pack 1.2
  • Adam Bielecki - Milky Way Skybox 1.0
  • dibdabgames - Modern Car 01 1.02
  • YGS Assets - Cola Can
  • Studio New Punch - Main in a Suit 1.1
  • Justwo - Snowed Fence 1.0
  • walterlima3d - World War II - American Plane 1.0
  • Saad Khawaja - Instant Screenshot 1.1
  • Not fogetting Unity - For Cinemachine & the Post-Processing Stack & the standard Assets.

David Zachary
No Title - Student