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As a catboy, fight the corrupted half-dogs in this free danmaku!

What is Last Neko?

Hi. I am Franck Poulhon and I made Last Neko all alone in two weeks time. The project was initially done for a challenge : to make a game in less than three weeks. I initially made this for a game jam hosted on itch : the cat-boy/girl jam. Apart from some musics I already crafted before, I made this game all alone from zero : audio, design and development.
Last Neko is a free bullet hell, with the model of PYWY. You can also buy the OST if you want to do so. Even if this is a "small" project, this one means a lot to me. This is the first game I manage to finish with the Unity Engine. This is also the first time I am making a game with Unity, without reading a single tutorial.
It was a challenge. I had to work a lot, and fast. I drank a lot of coffee and I ate a lot of pizzas. I swallowed trigonometry like never before, constantly mixing art with mathematics. That's what I find beautiful in video games development : you take art and science and mix them to craft something bigger.

Last Neko features:

  • Six levels of fast-paced action!
  • Six challenging boss battles!
  • A hard difficulty for you, hardcore gamers!
  • Retro pixel-art design, done mostly with the color palette of the NES! (Okay okay, I added shadow layers and alpha color because I can)
  • A self-made 10-tracks chiptune!
  • Catboy.

Last Neko does not feature:

  • Skill trees.
  • Complicated gameplay.
  • Grind.
  • Royalty-free or third party assets.
  • I also iterated the game design a lot of time to avoid Fake Difficulty.

Last Neko has been done with:

  • Unity Engine
  • Microsoft Visual Studio ( C# )
  • Aseprite
  • FL Studio
  • Audacity
  • Coffee and pizzas

Fun fact

I slightly modified the plot of the game since what happened in Alebama some days ago, in order to protest.

Note from le dev! (taken from the itch page)

In the beginning, "Last Neko" was called "Neko Shooter". I am actually making this game for a game jam. Since this is my first game jam, it's kind of a challenge to me. I have to do a lot of stuff in very few time. And to top it off, this is the first time I am making a shoot'em up. And this is also the first time I am using Unity3d without a tutorial. So, no matter what comes out from this game, it is helping me to improve a lot! The goal is to make a game within three weeks, and since I'm happy with the results so far, I will surely be tempted to make a sequel, with more time to use, with more refined graphics!
Franck Poulhon
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