Last King of Zares
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Creating a Cinematic Trailer
Hi, we are a 3 person team of 3D Artists from the Philippines who have also been trying to familiarize ourselves with the Unity engine. When we first found out about Cinemachine and Timeline, we immediately found it appealing and wanted to learn how we could utilize it especially since we are not developers. This is our first time to use the system in this project.
Here is our final submission for the Neon Challenge. Photo finish!!! This was a great learning experience for us. It was the first time for us to build something from start to Unity so it was truly satisfying for us artists to see our 3D work come to life in engine. Still have things to tweak afterwards as we were strapped for time but we're pretty happy with this. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did creating it!
We're aware that this is past the deadline but we still wanted to continue tweaking it. So in case you want to see our latest cut, just visit the link below. Thanks!
Concept Art
For the Neon Challenge, we decided to create a post apocalyptic world, where creatures from an unknown realm have been waging war on the people of Zares. This is the story of the king's final stand to defend his people. Character assets and Hallway base were already pre made by us so we decided to use them for this project and just tweaked the characters to fit the plot.
Listing a weekly breakdown of our progress.
Week 1:
We wanted to come up with a fake cinematic trailer for a game so we came up with a quick concept and storyboard of what we wanted to produce. The backstory is about a king from an unknown realm whose kingdom is being conquered by savage outlanders. Devndir, the king has to fulfill his duty no matter what as they sit at the brink of ultimate defeat.
We also created the environment in Unity using MapMagic World Generator (Asset Store). The characters were also finalized, rigged and skinned.

Week 2:
Continued working on the rig and skinning of the characters. Also started doing test VFX that we could use and worked on the Taric shader which was edited from the Amplify Shader Editor Samples (Unity Asset).

Week 3:
We used Mocap to create the animations for our scene. Clean up of the animations were also done this week as well as initial test/creation of the hair using the Hair Tool (Asset Store). We also started the initial integration of the environment and characters and animations into Unity. Additional details to the battleground environment was also added using the Rocks and Boulders and Better Rocks and Cliffs assets (Asset Store).
Clips of camera, lighting, and animation progress. Still learning how to use the system. :-)
Week 4:
We created 3 Timelines and 2 Cinemachine cameras for this project. The first camera is used for the "Battleground Area" while the second camera is used for the "Hallway Area." The main Timeline controls which "Area" to activate (i.e. whether to activate the Timeline, light and camera set up for the Battleground or the Timeline, light and camera set up for the Hallway). We also used a TimeHelper script, which is also controlled by the main Timeline. It's basically a code that could slow down or speed up the playback of your scene.
The Battleground and Hallway Timeline controls which Cinemachine cameras to use in the scene. We used both Dolly tracks and Virtual Cameras and used the Look At function in Cinemachine to track the characters. These Timelines also control the visibility and animations of all the characters and the activation of certain lights and VFX.
Week 5:
Populated the scene with characters and animations in the battle ground and continued integration of additional VFX, blend shape animations and cape animation (with some tweaks using Obi Cloth from the Asset Store).
Week 6:
Final tweaks in our cameras and lighting. Finalized the battleground and hallway as well by populating the scene with more assets. Also improved the animations, integrated the hair simulation and wrinkle maps (edited from The Blacksmith: Wrinkle Maps) and finalized the VFX.
Final Submission for Neon Challenge can be viewed at the top of the page. Enjoy!
Asset Store Links:
MapMagic World Generator -!/content/56762
Rocks & Boulders -!/content/2452
Better Rocks and Cliffs -!/content/16288
Amplify Shader Editor -!/content/68570
Hair Tool -!/content/66094
Obi Cloth -!/content/81333
The Blacksmith: Wrinkle Maps -!/content/39924
Cinemachine -!/content/79898
Post Processing Stack -!/content/83912

2D Image Links:
VFX Sprites -

Murmur by FirstCom Cinematic Orchestra from Cinematic Sci-Fi Album
Voice Over by Elendil Canete

Custom assets were created using Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.
Donar John Boado
3d Artist - Artist
Denn Mark Alden
Mr. - Artist
Karla Deles
3D Artist - Artist