Last Hope
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The last hope of humanity - Last city on Planet Earth


We have created 2 distinct scenes so that the project is better aligned in terms of optimization, one consists in the view of the city itself, and lastly presents the main scene which represents the last city of humanity in a near future.


The light in the end of the tunnel has dimmed for mankind, neon lights now shimmer throught out the grim present that all of us have created through out centuries of consumism and selfish destruction in favor of our ever-growing egotistical madness. We've made our own bed and layed it down with bricks of pollution and hatred, now we have to sleep with our eyes wide open because the city itself can destroy the purest of men. We created this, you AND me, all of us, with our self-centered mindset but you can create your own future by changing your present, you have the possibility to be greater than you were yesterday -do it...or else. In this horrid fable of splendid cinematics you will be able to see the contours of a gloomy city and irony of an almost fully-lighted city and yet it still remains as dark as a night with no moon.


Streets Scene:

We started by creating the 3D models in Blender, first adding some cubes to establish the framework; ● Then we proceeded to create our first building; ● Finishing that up, we created some UV maps and some textures and afterwards started testing in unity for the quality of the textures themselves and their size; ● In Unity, we started by creating some lights and do some baking, tests and additionally we tried out the mixed and realtime lights as well; ● It was time to start checking for the quality of the scene so we started to tweak the post-processing in the camera view. When we reached our quality goals, we then proceeded to add the models into the city and with every building applying the uv maps and different textures; ● We then started creating some bump maps in Crazybump and lator on add them in Unity in the material section; ● Afterwards we continued to perfect our refletions in the windows and work in some additional lights for the scene. We used to have some fog then and in order to optimize, we added real fog in lower porpotions and complemented it with some pictures of fog; ● The next step was to add some cars, drones and signs to the scene in order to give a more vivid experience to the city. Some of the signs are holograms that act in real time; ● We then added people into the city streets; ● Lastly, we are now adding some more animations to the city as well that will be featured in our next upload.

City View Scene:

● In our outside scene we display multiple 3D buldings with the same fog as the main scene and some 2D mountains. A planet was added in the background as well so it would mistify the scene a bit. ● We inserted the same skybox and proceeded to creat a small terrain with some rocks in order to give the idea of depth of field and the fact that the city is degradated.

City View ScreenShots:

Streets Screenshots:

Assets Used:

● Post Processing Stack (free) ● Cinemachine (free) ● Unity Particle Pack (free) ● The Blacksmith: Atmospheric Scattering (free) ● The Blacksmith: Environments (free) ● GalaxyBox 2.0 (free) ● VolClouds (free) ● Unity HDRI Pack (free) ● Sinuous Sci-Fi Signs ● Stylized Nature Pack

Programs Used:

● Unity 2017.2.0f3 ● Blender ● Adobe Photoshop CS6 ● Crazybump
Filipe Rodrigues
CEO - Executive
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Kutsenko Dmitrii
2 years ago
Sci-Fi, Environment
Nice man :)
Pedro Leitão
2 years ago
Filipe Rodrigues
2 years ago
ÇağlayanI really like your approach to the inside with a lot of lights. Look great and definitely feels futuristic. One thing I might add personally, all lights feel too much colorful to my taste but still, It looks good. Good luck in the competition :)
Thank you so much, I would love to do some baking to the lights so it feels more realistic though, but my computer isn't powerful enough. :P I've seen your project as well and I must say, great work! I loved the camera effects and the modeling. Nice UV's Textures as well. Wish you good luck too!
Filipe Rodrigues
2 years ago
Helena RodriguesExcelente!!!!
Obrigadoo! :D