Last City
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The Last City
The Last City, is a Reference to a world destroyed by Nuclear War. Not only was the devastation of cities great, but the side effects on the inhabitants were of great consequence. Becoming Mutants they scavenge the remains of the city for survival. Unknown to the poor inhabitants, an Alien Race has been scouring the world for species of study.
This Project is a Solo Build Developed by me as a way to Learn Level Design. I have been a Hobbyist in Game Development for the past 3 years, creating fun little Games for me and my family. Currently I teach on YouTube the use's of Unity and the Fundamentals.
During my First Step I created a Suitable Environment
This Step was pretty Simple, I just went to the Asset store and found the trees and Buildings; of Course the Spaceship and Bridge were my Own Models. Of the entire process in this step, the lights on the tree took the longest time, getting them in the position I wanted them to be.
During this Stage I added All the props and Applied the Unity Post Processing Asset, to enhance the games appearance.
The Process for creating this was simple at times and difficult at others.
Timeline of Creation


Concept Art - I never actually draw the Art, but I visualize the appearance of my seen and use it as a Guideline
Beauty - Make Every shot an Adventure. This I learned when playing Destiny

Modeling and Using the Asset Store

Create Needed Assets - The Spaceship and Bridge
1. Bridge: The Bridge was simply Unity Blocks placed in an order that made it look like a Bridge
2. Spaceship: The Spaceship took me about 3 Hours to make. My Inspiration was a Star Wars Submarine Mix
Download Other Assets - Cars, Trees, Monsters, Buildings, Lights
1. Most of these Assets I simply Downloaded and put in my Scene. I had to make as many of them Random, to give the Illusion that they were Different Buildings.
2. Every Single Street Light I had to Apply a Light Source and Light, because they were not Visible in the Scene.

Animations (CineMachine)

Create animations for Spaceships, Monsters, Camera
1. I had the Most problems when working with this, because I could not get the Camera to stay where I wanted it. After taking a Week Break, I came back and began again.
2. The Monsters and Spaceship were very Simple after I figured out how to get the Camera Setup.


Add Audio
1. The Audio was an Asset I got a long while back from the Asset Store
Add Post Processing Asset
1. This Project is really the first one that I have actually made specifically for the Post Processing Asset. When I first began this project I created a FPS Game and tested the Movement and made sure everything ran without any glitches. Then after finding the perfect shots with my FPS Character, I setup my Camera.

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